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Royal Farms

Royal Farms is a convenience store located in Broomall, Pennsylvania. It was founded in the 1960s by Raymond and Mary Abrachinsky as a dairy bar, catering mainly to the children of the neighborhood. They now have over 200 stores in Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

The company is notable for its unique practices such as allowing only cash transactions within the store and keeping all employees out of view during business hours so that customers can anonymously pay for their purchases with cash; another practice being when one enters into the establishment they are expected to say hello immediately even if there is no employee at the entrance which allows them to establish eye contact with someone who will be attending them at some point soon enough. Other interesting facts about Royal Farms is that they allow many of their employees to have tattoos and piercings, which is a rarity in such family-oriented business establishments. They require their managers to have at least two years experience managing a convenience store before applying for the job.

Royal Farms has been restricting its hours in recent years because it had found that many of their customers were not shopping there during extended hours, leading them to lose money on payroll. They are also busy enough with so much business throughout the normal hours that they rarely need to remain open through the night like other less fortunate convenience stores do. There was even a report done by NBC10 news back in 2012 about how Royal Farms had started giving away free coffee when it under 20 degrees outside due to winter.


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